bariery tymczasowe 1The selection of proper protections for the roads in progress is a matter of essence for the safety of participants of the road traffic as well as road workers. Depending on local conditions and/or provisions of law, the road traffic designers in certain countries have more freedom. In some countries more specific requirements are set regarding classification of temporary protections and places of their application.

DELTABLOC® offers a wide range of types of temporary protections. Most of our products are tested for various levels, according to the Standard EN 1317, obligatory in most countries of Europe and beyond. What is more, in order to achieve optimal safety, the designer chooses various types of structures and various heights of the barrier system, depending on their designated use. The systems of higher prevention levels should be used on roads of high traffic intensity of heavy vehicles. High class protections are the best and safest choice also for critical sections of traffic diversions and nearby road construction places.

In case of temporary separation of the existing traffic, the width of the protection device is important. Nevertheless, even narrow protections must ensure the minimum of dynamic deflection in the event of car crash.

DELTABLOC® offers a wide range of products that can be applied in all scenarios. All types of protections can be configured and combined using provisional elements, obtaining smooth transfers between systems of barriers of various profiles and heights.

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