Enterprises involved in the construction of water supply and sewage collection systems rarely have the workforce experienced in the construction of large reinforced concrete structures. A subcontractor is required for the completion of such the special building object. Building structures completed at the building site need include in the schedule of works not only the time for building the formwork, reinforcement or hardening and curing of concrete. Often adverse weather or high level of groundwater prevent the timely completion of the project. All these factors have been eliminated thanks to the use of prefabricated elements. Industrial production of an element in controlled conditions makes possible achieving the highest quality and guarantees tightness.

elementy 1  elementy 3

         Connection chamber, weight 57 tonnes                        Overflow chamber, weight 65 tonnes

A prefabricated element is delivered to the construction site not only on the exact day, but can even be transported to the specific section of the construction site at the exact scheduled time. There is no need to stop works, organise place for storage, there are no delays of any kind. Knowing the number and type of connections and ground levelling information, the Design Department of P.V. Prefabet Kluczbork S.A. prepares the optimal solution and presents it in the form of CAD drawings and technical specifications.

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   The division chamber of the wastewater treatment plant, internal dimensions: 10.2 x 3.15 x 2.4 m, total weight 65 tonnes

Large-size prefabricated elements – advantages can be seen straight away
Reinforced concrete specialised elements are produced upon the client’s order, as:
• single-part compact elements with waterproof concrete cover plate or a plate for installation at the building site
• single-part elements divided horizontally, for sealed installation at the building site. In the event of multi-chamber elements, vertical division is also possible.
The size of elements is only limited by two parameters:
• maximum weight of a single element must not exceed 65 tonnes
• maximum dimensions of an element are determined individually for a given transportation route
Upon your request, we prepare a price offer including engineering conditions for each, even the most intricate, complex and exceptional structure. Send us the available technical drawings, which will let us prepare the optimum solution meeting your needs.

elementy 6  elementy 7

                          Rainwater inlet, produced in two elements – 44 tonnes and 33 tonnes

• the building process is shortened
• the costs of assembly and purchase of the element are easy to determine in the cost estimate
• the costs of completion of a given building object become easy to estimate
We offer all-inclusive solutions
• individual technical documentation and planning of assembly works
• assistance to the building site manager during the installation of the element
• we prepare technical solutions for the most demanding projects or alternative solutions
• we offer comprehensive solutions: production of the element, its delivery, consultancy in the choice of the crane
• each element has the unique manufacturer’s certification with static calculations

 elementy 8 elementy 5


Water metering chambers made of leak-proof concrete sealed connections, tubes, pump sump
Connection chambers
• elements used in case of the need to change the direction of the collector of large diameter or changing to a different diameter
• completed together with a concrete or clinker invert channel
• manufactured together with leak-proof connections for pipes of various range of diameters
Hydrotechnical building structures
• reservoirs
• overflow chambers with integrated overflow walls or sunk walls
• culvert inlets
• elements of chamber superstructures made with customised cover plates
• elements for embedding, that is: step irons, ladders
• all types of manholes, made of cast iron or stainless steel
• grate platforms
• pump sumps made of stainless steel
• ventilation and venting pipes
• handrails

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