Polymer concrete is the combination of synthetic resin, providing flexibility, with concrete, guaranteeing the required hardness of the material. For 40 years, this material has been successfully used in various conditions and applications. Polymer concrete is resistant and durable, which, combined with advanced and optimised pipe production technology and high quality, makes the system of polymer concrete pipe system METROMAX a tested in practice and price effective alternative in sewerage system construction sector.

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METROMAX polymer concrete sewer pipesmetromax 2

The use of high quality material, advanced technologies and know-how as well as long-term experience, made possible the development of a unique recipe for polymer concrete sewer pipe, for use in more chemically aggressive environment.




+/- 2mm d1
+/- 1mm d1
+/- 2mm d2
typ łączenia max długość
+/- 7,5mm
mm mm mm mm kg/m
150 186 18 polipropylen 2500 20
200 250 25 stal szlachetna 2500 40
250 320 35 stal szlachetna 2500 70
300 374 37 stal szlachetna 2500 90
400 490 45 stal szlachetna 2500 140
500 610 55 kielich 3000 215
600 726 63 kielich 3000 290
800 962 81 kielich 3000 490
1000 1198 99 kielich 3000 750


Properties of METROMAX polymer concrete sewer pipes:metromax 3
• high resistance to mechanical stress
• durability, flexibility
• very high compression strength
• excellent hydraulic properties
• extreme resistance to corrosion
• very good resistance to abrasion
• minimum dimensional tolerances
• length from 500 to maximum 3000 mm
• depending on the diameter
• practical slid-on connectors and optimal sealing system

The listed properties minimise the risk of damage to the product, high throughput of horizontal culvert conduits, as well as easy assembly.

For connecting the pipes, stainless steel connectors (V4A) are used from DN 200 as well as high quality gaskets EPDM, both in high-durability sewer pipes, as well as in horizontal culverts technology. Sewer pipes from DN500 to DN1000 are connected traditionally using flares. Pipe connections are the additional advantage, facilitating the construction works process.



METROMAX polymer concrete ramming pipesmetromax 4

Modern civil engineering is today impossible without so-called Microtunelling – the technology for horizontal directional drilling. Economic effectiveness, avoidance of environmental loss, reduction of noise and solving traffic problems – these are just a few of reasons for using METROMAX pipes. Particularly in densely populated urban areas, this method is virtually indispensable. Besides, this technology finds use in large industrial complexes.


+/- 2mm d1
+/- 1mm d1
+/- 2mm d2
typ łączenia max długość
+/- 7,5mm


mm mm mm mm kg/m kN
150 210 30 polipropylen 1000 40 189
200 276 38 stal szlachetna 1000 65 245
250 355 52 stal szlachetna 1000/2000 110 548
300 403 52 stal szlachetna 1000/2000 130 617
400 552 76 stal szlachetna 1000/2000 255 1 644
500 662 81 stal szlachetna 2000 340 2 200
600 762 81 stal szlachetna 2000 400 2 600
800 962 81 stal szlachetna 2000/3000 515 3 310
1000 1186 93 stal szlachetna 2000/3000 735 4 340


metromax 5Very high resistance to compression and bending, extremely smooth surface helping in pipe installation and the resulting low pipe wall friction – these are optimal premises for controlled horizontal directional drilling..

Slid-on stainless steel V4A connectors, optimal sealing system made of high grade EPDM and the adapter ring, make the coupled system that facilitates the realisation of construction works.



METROMAX ramming pipes are customised to particular construction process in microtunelling technology. The pipes can be connected to METROMAX shafts system as well as traditional concrete sewer chambers. The product is compatible with other materials, such as stoneware. No need for expensive and complicated refitting of building structures and machinery.

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Ongoing quality control performer by materials certification authority (MPA) in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and the Austrian Research Institute (ÖFI), additional in-company supervision and the highly qualified staff - these are further advantages, ensuring durability and safety of use of METROMAX branded products. Years of research, combined with a number of comprehensive implementation tests, let us build a line for serial production of consistent quality METROMAX pipes of virtually unlimited output.

Quality Control:

• technical approval of Centrum Naukowo Techniczne Kolejnictwa "CNTK" AT/09-2010-0206-00
• production complies with the requirements of Standard DIN 54815, parts 1+2
• quality control by materials certification authority (MPA) in Dortmund and the Austrian Research Institute (ÖFI),
• ongoing in-company quality control
• general building attestation issued by German Institute for Construction Technology in Berlin (Z42.1-322)
• production complies with the requirements of Standard PN-EN 14636-1:2009; “Plastic pipe conduit systems for non-pressure rainwater drainage and sanitary sewage systems – Polymer Concrete (PRC) – Part 1: Pipes and fittings for elastic connections”

Special advantages of METROMAX polymer concrete pipes

• lower price than comparable products,
• compatibility with stoneware products,
• reduction of the necessary excavation by 10 to 15 cm thanks to slim design of coupling rings, which reduces the costs related to ground levelling,
• excellent resistance to mechanical shock,
• resistance to corrosion in municipal sewage utilisation sector (pH 1-12),
• excellent results in report on the resistance to flushing under high pressure and durability testing of pipe walls to water under pressure,
• the tolerance in pipe geometry in the production process <1 mm,
• when storing the pipes, no special precautions are required (no deformation of the gasket or susceptibility to sunlight),
• years long experience in the application of polymer concrete elements,
• successfully completed projects in Poland (among others Poznań, Warszawa, Katowice) and in Germany (among others Hamburg, Berlin)
• recyclable product, can be used again in the construction of roads or in other fields (builder’s caps, switches, garden furniture, etc.)


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