Concrete pipes for open trenches, made of high-durability concrete types.
Build ecologically

hipo 5P.V. Prefabet Kluczbork S.A. has for several years now been the producer of HIPE-PIPE pipes for micro-tunnelling (High Performance Pipes). Hipe-Pipe pipes are ramming pipes manufactured from high-durability concrete types, which are more and more popular in trenchless technology. The use of five-component composite concrete made possible the production of ramming pipes of thinner walls, at the same time guaranteeing very high maximum ramming strengths.
Due to the more and more limited access to natural raw materials, the reduction of the consumption of energy and materials is nowadays the top priority.hipo 6



                                                                              Króciec dostudzienny                           Studnia z przejściem
                                                                             Wipros Hipe Pipe EKO            szczelnym Wipros Hipe Pipe EKO

Paramentry techniczne

Średnica wewnętrzna DN [mm] Średnica zewnętrzna Da=dsp [mm] Grubość ścianki t [mm] Długość budowlana
L [mm]
Masa G [kg/szt.] Średnica uszczelki dso Średnica zewnętrzna kielicha Dg [mm]
300 380 40 3000 320 370,2 480
400 500 50 3000 530 490,2 600
500 600 50 3000 648 590,2 700
600 720 60 3000 933 710,2 840
800 960 80 3000 1659 950,2 1080
1000 1200 100 3000 2592 1190,2 1320

Zmiany parametrów technicznych zastrzeżone.

hipo 1Thanks to the efficient and ecological production of Wipros Hipe-Pipe Eko pipes, we contribute directly to the reduction of the emission of CO2 to the atmosphere.
The development of high-durability concrete technologies made possible the production of pipes, which, without the need to use standard reinforcing and at reduced wall thickness, can meet all the key requirements.
Energy saving is evident immediately: material saving thanks to the reduced wall thickness.
Less material is needed for the production, the products are lighter, transportation costs are reduced.

Our aim is the production of Wipros Hipe-Pipe Eko pipes, as our contribution to the production of construction materials that protect our natural environment.

 hipo 3

                               S – standardowa rura Witros DN500                      EKO – rura Wipros Hipe-Pipe Eko DN500


• raw materials saving due to the reduced demand in the pipe production (among others, no need for reinforcement steel);
• lower costs of transportation;
• pipe geometry (da=dsp) makes possible independent, easy and fast assembly of short sections of pipes and stub pipes connected to sewerage chambers at a construction site through cutting the pipe to the selected size;
• thanks to the use of high-durability concrete types, we obtained material that is even more resistant to the aggressive effect of wastewater;
• very smooth surface contributes to higher flow speed in the sewer, thus reducing the amount of sediments in the sewer;
• high-durability concrete pipe cured in stationary mould – precision workmanship and very low dimension tolerances;
• gasket integrated in the pipe’s flare – the pipe is less susceptible to assembly errors;
• less weight of the pipe makes assembly easier, with the use of lighter equipment;
• guaranteed tightness of the pipeline;

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