P.V. Prefabet Kluczbork, as the first producer in Poland, offers egg-shaped pipes in concrete and reinforced concrete versions. The egg shape of the pipe guarantees, even with low filling of the sewer, high speed of flow and ensures a lot of space in the event of seasonal increase of the amount of wastewater. At the proper lengthwise elongated slope of the collector and even with low filling, the speed of flow will not drop below the speed of hydraulic cleaning of the conduit.

We offer egg-shape pipes with footing, guaranteeing easy assembly in the trench and stable functioning in extended periods of time. Pipes are equipped with gaskets integrated in the flare. Each pipe has pre-installed transportation hooks, which help in unloading of the pipes and their placing in the trench. Besides standard classes of concrete, that is C40/50, we also offer pipes manufactured from high-durability concretes (e.g. C 70/85), based on sulphate-resistant cement and with Preco® type polyurethane linings or PEHD (high-density polyurethane). Egg-shape pipes manufactured by P.V. Prefabet Kluczbork are cured in stationary moulds, thanks to which their surface is extremely smooth and dimensional tolerances very low. For all egg-shape pipes we offer well-known and proven sewerage chambers type P.V. with leak-proof connections.


jajowe 3     jajowe 4

          t1 - grubość ścianki w osi poziomej rury                  b - szerokość stopki rury
          t2 - grubość ścianki w szczycie rury                         l - długość budowlana rury
          t3 - grubość ścianki stopce rury


Betonowe i żelbetowe rury o profilu jajowym ze stopką
produkowane zgodnie z normami DIN EN 1916 / DIN V 1201
DN I t1 t2 t3 b dg (B) dg (H) L A M
[mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [m2] [kg]
600/900 3000 110 120 180 430 970 1265 3130 0,413 2900
800/1200 3000 130 150 210 540 1230 1625 3130 0,735 4500
1000/1500 3000 135 180 240 670 1500 1990 3155 1,149 6200


         DN średnica nominalna rury (szerokość/wysokość profilu)     dg (B) szerokość rury w najszerszym miejscu
         I     długość projektowa elementu                                           dg (B) wysokość rury w najwyższym miejscu
         t1   grubość ścianki w osi średnicy                                         L         długość całkowita rury
         t2   grubość ścianki w szczycie                                               A         powierzchnia przekroju czynnego rury
         t3   grubość ścianki w stopce                                                 M         waga 1 rury
         b    szerokość stopki

Stosowane połączenia rur

jajowe 6

Uszczelka zintegrowana w kielichu rury

 jajowe5  jajowe6

Advantages of the solution

• optimum flow speed, guaranteeing self-cleaning of the sewer;
• intelligent solution for sewers periodically transporting large volumes of wastewater;
• the possibility of not only selecting the proper material and structural protection (concrete class, cements with increased resistance to sulphates), but also surface protection (plastic lining);
• flexible system consisting of pipes and chambers with leak-proof connections, which make possible optimum customisation to the specific needs of each project.

DN nominal diameter of the pipe (width/height of the profile) dg (B) width of the pipe in widest point  I designed length of element dg (B) height of the pipe in the highest point.

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