Unolith is the new standard in the production of bottom parts of chambers, at the same linked with tradition.
Historically speaking, sewage chambers used to be built in monolithic form, as one “block of rock”. In most cases, sewage chamber production is a complex process which takes a lot of time. Unolith is a seamless and uniform monolith bottom head produced in a single production cycle. The bottom part of the chamber is produced together with invert channel in one forming stage, and the result satisfies the growing requirements for these products in sewerage systems applications.


Unolith 1• wide range of diameters from 1000 to 1500 mm
• possibility of producing leak-proof connections for all pipes used in sewerage systems
• possibility of producing invert channel in any configuration
• customisation of types of connections, angles and heights of mounting, according to individual needs of the client



Unolith jakosc• high quality and durability of the product, achieved in the process of monolithic production (typically - C40/50, or higher class concrete upon individual order)
• smooth and seamless surface
• the product meets higher requirements than those set forth in the European standard PN-EN 1917




Economic Aspects

Unolith eko• high quality extends the useful life of the chamber
• increased resistance to damage and corrosion lets you reduce the utilisation costs
• energy savings thanks to single-stage production



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